Suitable for school sports: one glasses for classroom and gym

BUDDY are stylish glasses for everyday wear which are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions during sport and play. The material is produced from a special high-safety plastic. It is a combination of a skin-friendly elastomer, TPU, and a very fl exible polyamide, NUX. In the event of a fall, the lenses can only fall away from the eyes, forwards out the frame. They are ANSI, ASiS tested and comply with CE standards.

BUDDY – The children‘s glasses which can also be worn to play sport are suitable for all active children aged 6 to 11. Feather-light at 12 grams, extremely stable and with a stylish design, they are cool glasses for children – for everyday wear in school and at home.

You don’t just need good vision to see the board. It is also essential in sport. Good vision means quick reactions and therefore safety and good performance when playing sport. Children who wear glasses have been at a disadvantage here for a long time. Removing everyday glasses means poor vision. Leaving glasses on means a risk of injury for the child. With BUDDY, simply put on the headband and go.


With or without glasses

We are very proud that our mission „Better Vision in School Sports“ now has a passionate advocate in Barbara Roth, President of the Bavarian chapter of the German Association of Physical Education Teachers (DSLV). In an appeal to all teachers, she recently wrote:

he fundamental links between good vision and safe, successful parti-cipation in sports and the development of motor skills and mental per-formance has been proven by numerous studies. In order to ensure equal participation and opportunity, children with impaired vision re-quire sports-appropriate glasses. These glasses are an elementary compensatory tool for negating disadvantage, and an irreplaceable necessity in meeting state-imposed mandatory schooling requirements. This is why DSLV demands that all children and young people of man-datory school age are provided with sports-appropriate glasses as a school aid.

ports glasses also open up educational opportunities which are worth pursuing. In the discussion regarding good-quality sports glasses, chil-dren can learn to accept differences and diversity, as well as that safe-ty and performance go hand in hand. Furthermore, the subject of sports glasses offers one of many opportunities to convey the message that every person is individually beautiful – with or without glasses.

Referenzen Autor
Barbara Roth
President of the Bavarian chapter of the German Association of Physical Education Teachers

The 3 unique features of your BUDDY


unique mechanism which firmly binds the glasses and strap together with a single click. The concept is drawn from a toy which can be freely assembled.


Once locked in place in the lower grooves, the strap stays fixed to the frame thanks to a locking mechanism. A firm back-wards pull also makes the glasses fit firmly on the head.


he locking mechanism is instantly loosened by pulling on the strap, making the BUDDY glasses once more ready for every-day wear and school. Then it‘s „great vision for great marks“.

Available in 4 colours

Look cool in school and sports

Buddy blue-green

Size range 47/17

Buddy blue-light blue

 Size range 47/17

Buddy brown-red

Size range 47/17

Buddy black-white

 Size range 47/17


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