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All to know about the products of Sziols


The major challenge that we had set ourselves was to address the idea of ‘Better vision in sport’ in a new way. The name SZIOLS, pronounced [sz | iols], was coined especially with this mission in mind. The S in the logo stands for seeing, sport, safety and satisfaction. The rest of the name is simply intended to pique interest, and it continues to do the trick to this day.

There is really no comparison between the Sziols X-Kross and other glasses, as it is all about modular design, as opposed to an off-the-rack pair of glasses.
The frames have a unique structure that ensures that there are no pressure points at certain places, no slipping and no wobbling.
The lenses adapt to current conditions in an instant, depending on the light conditions (tint) and type of sport (function). What’s more, the sports glasses are ideal for people who wear glasses in everyday life. It is possible to have corrections of up to +/-15 dioptres, all without the lenses touching your eyelashes or becoming fogged.

All of the sports glasses are made in contracted workshops in Japan and Taiwan. We are already engaged in an over 10-year partnership with the firms involved.

This is due to the unique ACM feature of our lenses. As such, the conventional anti-fog coating is unnecessary.


All of our frames are made of high-safety TR 90 plastic, while the lenses are made of polycarbonate. Both are almost unbreakable and resistant to heat, cold and UV light.

The lenses of all of our sports glasses are surface-hardened. Signs of wear may become visible over time, but the lenses can be changed quickly and easily, just like any other item that is in frequent use.

No, the coating remains intact and does not come off.


We recommend that men opt for size L lenses, and women for size S. There is an approx. 5 mm difference in the height of the lenses. Customers may, however, wish to choose the size of lenses based on their head shape, personal preferences and sensitivity to glare and rubbing. In this case, lenses can easily be replaced.

Yes – this is easy to do. The ear pieces can be heated and thus customised to fit the shape of the wearer’s head. The nose pads are also available in different sizes. Only the basic frame cannot be changed.

No, there is only one size of frame, which can be adjusted to fit 98% of all sizes and shapes of head. The glasses can be customised by changing the nose pads, lens size, frame colour and earpieces.

Yes, for people with small faces we recommend the size S lenses, a subtle frame colour and small nose pads.


Of course, you could use running lenses for cycling, but practically it wouldn’t make much sense. Running lenses are designed for much slower speeds and do not offer protection against gusts of wind, which can lead to turbulence caused by wind when cycling. Conversely, cycling glasses would become fogged when running, as they do not have the necessary ventilation slots to get rid of accumulated heat if the wearer is sweating heavily.

Yes, we do. However, we recommend that such photochromic lenses be used only for slower sports, as it takes a few seconds for the tint to adjust to the light conditions. Sudden changes in light and shadow cannot be balanced out instantly.

No, all Sziols sports glasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, regardless of their tint.

No – we have developed the unique ACM function to prevent this from happening. Moreover, the lenses have a special front insert, leaving enough room between them and the inner clip and ensuring optimal ventilation.

No – that would mean a significant increase in price. But as the sports glasses have been designed in such a way that they are closed off at the top and all the way around, hardly any light penetrates. Only the ‘clear mirror’ lenses are reflective.

Yes, this is an option, but only for the X-Kross Bike Pro, which has a mirrored grey tint. We recommend this kind of direct glazing only in certain circumstances, as it prevents the inexpensive replacement of lenses using our modular system.

Yes, the colours – in particular blue and white – may become a little paler if they are used a lot outdoors.

No, the X-Kross sinks in water.

Due to the front optical insert for up to +/- 15 dioptres, there is plenty of room for long eyelashes, and this is usually sufficient.

Yes, there is. However, for normal sporting activities this is not required, as the sports glasses can be fitted to your head in such a way that they do not slip or wobble.

Never use strong cleaning substances; plain water is best. Warning: do not wash the winter lenses under running water, as this may damage the neoprene seals.

No, this would only happen due to improper use. The O-ring must be pressed down firmly for new sports glasses.


We provide a three-year 100% guarantee against all material defects for our Sziols sports glasses. Standard wear and tear is excluded from the warranty.

Accessories and replacement parts are available from your optician, our online shop and directly from us at events.

No lenses come fixed in a new pair of X-Kross sports glasses. Anyone can assemble their own sports glasses and adapt it to their individual needs.

EA basic model starts at 159 euros, around the same price as a good pair of running shoes, and can be enhanced and customised as required.

Has your question not been answered? Then just send us an email at info@sziols.de and we’ll be happy to answer your question. Our response is bound to be of interest to others, too.