Sports glasses to suit all needs

‘It all began in 1999, shortly after I started running intensively. I noticed that all sports glasses constantly fog up, don’t fit properly, pinch, are not flexible in their use if you do different sports, and a few other things besides. As a glasses wearer, I experienced even greater problems in terms of vision. Amazingly enough, an entire industry had gone over to producing breathable sports clothing, yet when it came to the sports sunglasses typical of the market, people seemed to have forgotten that, when doing sport, we also sweat round our eyes.’
Referenzen Autor
Beate Gabelt
CEO Sziols sports glasses

As an industrial designer, Beate Gabelt decided to take matters into her own hands by developing a sports glasses system that takes account of the varying demands of different sports, can be adjusted to fit any shape of face, works for glasses wearers and looks cool into the bargain. The SZIOLS X-KROSS was born.

She managed to transfer the airflow principle used in the car industry to sports glasses and develop special ventilation technology: ACM – Air Climate Management. With the help of a team of experts from the fields of sports medicine, optometry, technology and sport, she used this foundation to design a sports glasses system that is as flexible, simple and individual as possible.


Better vision in sports – for everyone

Sziols was founded in 1999 as a brand of Optic Fashion GmbH. At first the patented glasses clip-ons by the OF-Clipspezialist brand was the core business of Optic Fashion GmbH, but within a short space of time, high-performance sports glasses had become the focus of the business. The company’s experience in optometry fitted perfectly with this new area of the business and offered previously unimagined potential.

Our vision
From the very beginning, we have made it our mission to assist sports enthusiasts by providing perfect sports glasses that offer better vision, more fun and greater safety in sport.

Our goal

We have called upon the expertise of those who are the very best in their respective fields. Our sports glasses systems have been developed by a team of experts in optometry, together with eye specialists, designers, engineers, technicians, sports physicians and, of course, top-ranking athletes, not to mention passionate sports enthusiasts. The sports glasses are made in small production plants that are under contract with our partners. Since the manufacturing process requires a very high standard of quality, our collaboration is fixed over several years so that we can work together to find outstanding solutions using the most innovative materials.

Sziols sports glasses are sold almost exclusively in selected shops, most of which are specialists with trained staff. After all, only these types of shops have the knowledge and solid expertise that allows them to provide sound advice. This means that anyone who actively practises sport can find the best sports glasses for him or her. Fans who do not live near a specialist dealer can also purchase sports glasses directly from us.

We are active
The Sziols team also attends many major sporting events so that we can offer help and advice in person. We welcome direct contact with many different sportspeople and encourage their unfiltered feedback, which inspires us to constantly improve our products and adapt to the needs of our athletes.

The X-Kross world
With its concept of ‘Better vision in sport’, SZIOLS has opened up a unique and long-neglected area, and has far surpassed all expectations in doing so. Today SZIOLS can proudly claim to have firmly made its mark as the sports optics specialist in the eyes of many athletes. More and more countries all around the world are recognising the pressing demand among active sportspeople for professional sports glasses.

We want to inspire people all around the world who love sports to make a pair of X-Kross sports glasses part of their equipment. After all, seeing better in sport means greater safety, enjoyment, performance and fun.


Sziols Sportsglasses come into being

Founding of Optic Fashion GmbH
The business goes from zero to sixty thanks to the worldwide patenting of its unique sunglasses clip systems. Focus on the optical market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The designer Beate Gabelt assumes creative responsibility at Optic Fashion.
Worldwide expansion of the sales network.
Product copies and strong seasonal fluctuations make it necessary to come out with other products as a second economic mainstay.

The birth of the Sziols brand.
It focuses on developing highly functional sports glasses that can be used just as easily by glasses wearers.
Sziols is a unique brand that does everything in-house, from the initial idea to the design, development including hardness tests, market readiness and product distribution.

The first sports glasses by the Sziols brand are ready for market.
The main distribution country is Germany, with glasses for indoor and children’s sports.
Sziols soon becomes the leading Optic Fashion brand.

A collaboration with Salomon opens up the sports market for Sziols.

Besides Switzerland and Austria, European sales of the sports glasses also extend to Greece.

Invention of the revolutionary X-Kross sports glasses system

Beate Gabelt becomes the sole managing partner.
X-Kross becomes the company’s economic focal point and is sold in 18 countries all around the world.
International athletes provide glowing recommendations.

Reto Schoch, the exceptional sportsman and RAAM winner, becomes the first Sziols ambassador.

It’s all looking good, with the complete relaunch of the Sziols brand and its emotional positioning as the last word in authentic outdoor sports glasses.

Collaborations with the leading maker of running shoes, ASICS, and the FrontRunner Group. The X-KROSS becomes a FrontRunner brand name, thus promoting the X-Kross as the running glasses par excellence.

Launch of the first SZIOLS GOGGLES, marking SZIOLS’ foray into new territory. BUDDY children’s glasses, which are also suitable for school sport, make quite a splash.

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