Best performance for your sport

One of the most important criteria for bikers: boundless freedom – which includes vision. The SZIOLS bike glasses feel rimless when worn. Thanks to the special nose pad, the fit of the sports glasses is height adjustable across four positions. Depending on the cyclist’s riding position, this guarantees a clear view at all times.

The large panoramic design provides wind pro-tection for high-speed sport. Lateral air conduc-tion prevents wind swirling (tearing eyes) while providing ventilation.

Geeignet für: MTB | Racing bike | City cycling | Inline skating


If X-Kross could speak, it would tell you a lot.

Frank Demuth, an important member of our community and winner of many mountainbike marathons, has summed up the complex topic „Vision for Sport“ in his own words.

“What I like about Sziols sunglasses is their outstanding fit, light weight and superb lenses. Another mark of their quality for me is the fact that I hardly notice I’m wearing them – something that only happens if glasses don’t fog up or slip down. Good sports glasses don’t mist over in any circumstances and always offer optimal contrast, whether it’s sunny or rainy, clear or foggy, –10°C or +35°C.“
Frank Demuth
Winner of Eiger Bike Challenge 55 km
Bike lenses are available in 9 tints and 2 sizes

Best view for your sport

From: 49,00 
Starker Blendschutz
From: 49,00 
Ideale Einstiegstönung
From: 49,00 
Ideale Einstiegstönung
From: 49,00 
Klare Sicht mit wenig Blendschutz
From: 49,00 
Kontrastbooster bei schlechter Sicht
From: 49,00 
Volle Sicht im Dunklen
From: 149,00 
Für dunkel bis hell
From: 149,00 
Passt sich an die Lichtverhältnisse an
From: 79,00 
Style und Funktion vereint

S or L – depending on the type of use

In general, the large lenses (size L) are approx. 5 mm longer from top to bottom than the small lenses (size S). The large lenses are mostly used by men, whereas women tend to opt for the small versions. That said, they can be used in a variety of different ways, and your choice may also depend on factors such as your bone structure around the eyes, sensitivity to glare and gusts of wind, and tendency to perspire. The bigger the lenses, the more protection they offer against wind and glare. However, this also means that they are tighter against the eye sockets and thus steam up more quickly as the wearer perspires, despite the ACM function.


Protection against the wind is your main concern when cycling. As such, the frames should end just over the lower edge of your cheekbone, without lying directly on it. Those who are sensitive to gusts of wind will find that size L offers the best protection. Women with very delicate faces tend to prefer size S.

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