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One of the most important criteria for runners: a secure fit. The unique design of the frame, the X-GRIP, gives the SZIOLS running glasses a particularly stable fit on the head. It is light as a feather, fits without any pressure points, does not slip or wobble- and convince everywhere, including when trail running.

Thanks to the reinforced ventilation technology (nose and brow), this lens is especially suited for sports performed at low speeds and generating heavy sweating.

Geeignet für: Runnning | Trail running | Hiking | Tennis


If X-Kross could speak, it would tell you a lot.

Niels Bubel, an important member of our community and current German champion of the 50 km marathon, has summed up the com-plex topic „Vision for Sport“ in his own words.

``Ever since I could walk, I have been dependent on glasses. X-KROSS are the first sports glasses that not only meet my personal requirements, but also become one with my body. These sports glasses have gradually become a true companion which I can rely on in any weather, meaning I start out the competition with a new self-confidence that I did not have earlier. For this, I am very grateful to the team at SZIOLS.”
Niels Bubel
German champion of the 50 km marathon
Running lenses are available in 8 tints and two sizes

Best view for your sport


S or L – depending on the type of use

In general, the large lenses (size L) are approx. 5 mm longer from top to bottom than the small lenses (size S). The large lenses are mostly used by men, whereas women tend to opt for the small versions. That said, they can be used in a variety of different ways, and your choice may also depend on factors such as your bone structure around the eyes, sensitivity to glare and gusts of wind, and tendency to perspire. The bigger the lenses, the more protection they offer against wind and glare. However, this also means that they are tighter against the eye sockets and thus steam up more quickly as the wearer perspires, despite the ACM function.


Focus mainly on ventilation when running, but also keep the ground in good view. With this in mind, we recommend that women with very delicate faces choose size S, while size L is suitable for both men and women.

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