Developed for people, who strive for extraordinary

SZIOLS sports glasses stand for pure and clean design; com-bined with fantastic functionality. The X-GOGGLE has been developed for all those who strive for the extraordinary. Less is more.
The front lenses are securely fi xed on the frame using high-per-formance magnets. Powder is no problem! Can be changed in seconds with a single grip. The thermo double lens keeps the front almost mist-free in almost all situations. A perfect fi t for most anatomies, and symbiosis with all the helmets widely used in the market, are guaranteed. Silicon points arranged across the surface of the headband enable slip-free positioning on your helmet.


To fulfil all requirements

David Schnell has spend almost his whole life travelling, with every destination featuring one thing above all others: snow. Skiing is still his great love today. The experience he has gathered whilst travelling cre-ates the valuable capital on which his company – „Best of White“ – is built. As a ski guide and passionate photographer, he organises and manages exclusive ski trips into the most fascinating environments in the world.

``I was born in Engadin, in the middle of winter. So the fi rst thing I saw was snow - maybe that‘s why I love it so much! I‘ve just always been on skis, eventually became a ski instructor and then started to explore the world. I‘ve been more or less always on the road for 30 years. And I want to pass on what I experienced, searched for and discovered.“
Referenzen Autor
David Schnell
Skiguide, CEO ``Best of White``

David‘s interest goes beyond gathering extraordinary experience. His equipment also has to meet the highest standards, to be able to push right to the limit. We‘re very proud to welcome him as an advisor and mentor for our SZIOLS Goggle line. Based on his personal experience, we have been able to implement his valuable advice in the develop-ment of this unique product.


... about a helicopter is that it overcomes gravity - seemingly effortlessly.

The precision of fl ying is only made possible by technical perfection. Our goal was to develop technical solu-tions that are not noticed at fi rst glance, but are fascinating upon fi rst use.

Glasses wearers are familiar with all the diffi culties associated with doing sport in low temperatures in Winter. An apparently simple recess in the frame of the ski goggles fi ts both the temples of day-to-day glasses and stylish après-ski eyewear. The optical interior clip of the X-Kross easily clicks into these high-fl exibility temples, and your practical and robust additio-nal glasses are complete. Perfect for use on multi-day tours or just in the cabin – sports with full vision in summer and winter!


... is almost entirely controlled by vision.

Performance can only fully unfold when it‘s possible to react both in-stantly and precisely with ligh-tening-speed recognition.

  • The frame surface has a premium rubber-touch feel, and – in simple white or black – looks great with any outfit.
  • 100% UVA-UVB 400 is guaranteed in both tints.

Available in 2 tints:

Contrast tint

The increased con-trast effect improves snow percepti-on even further, even in diffuse light.


The blue silvering offers the highest glare shield: category 4.

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